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Strange Aeons

Saturnine Paradigm
9 January 1982
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Wendalyn. 26. Brooklyn girl. Drawrs drawrings. Occasionally makes the comix. Enjoys kimchee and punk rock shows.



23, achewood, aeon flux, alan moore, alt porn, alternative medicine, anachropunk, angry intellectuals, barbelith, baron samedi, becky cloonan, being a pissant, big boots, big time television, big vocabularies, black nail polish, blank reg, body modification, brian froud, brian wood, carlos casteneda, catholic symbolism, chaos, children's books, china mieville, circus sideshows, comic books, cthulhu, dancing till it hurts, dave mckean, dia de los muertos, discordia, dr. suess, drawing, dreaming, ebm, edward gorey, elfquest, eris, fairy tales, fictional self, fnord, fuck you, fucking up at life, ganesh, geeks, genetics, glitter, glossolalia, gluten free, grant morrison, h.p. lovecraft, hair dye, hating sleep, hunter s. thompson, invader zim, isz, jan saudek, jim henson, joel peter witkin, john waters, kamikaze love, loa tech, magic mirror, making art, max headroom, mr. gone, muppets, mythology, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, nerd porn, nerds, nootropics, orcs, pain, painting, paleo, paradox, paranoia, penguin panties, personal mythology, philip k. dick, photography, piercings, pirates, pointy ears, portland, post modern mysticism, prick, profanity, psychonauts, q-tip fetish, reading like a fiend, ren and stimpy, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, role playing games, ross campbell, scifi, sex positive, shel silverstein, sigils, silly people, singing out of tune, space pirates, strap on cacti, subjective reality, sushi, synaesthesia, tank girl, tattoos, techno shamans, terry gilliam, the invisibles, the principia discordia, the tick, the young ones, toast, too much eyeliner, transmetropolitan, unbridled creation, urban, vaudeville, vikings, vodou, warren ellis, william gibson, words, your spicy brains, zines